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Curtains with Blinds

Often one wonders whether it is ok to pair window blinds with curtains? Would they look good? Would it be over the top? Will it enhance the interior or make it look gaudy? Should I go with plain or printed or mix them? Fear not. We have every answer to your question.

We at Callistus suggest that whenever you chose an option for selecting prints in your window d├ęcor, specially while choosing the option of layering curtains and blinds, go for prints in Blinds and solid colour in Curtains. Curtains being of thicker material shall give you blackout effect and printed blinds can be available in sheer, translucent giving you the option to control light in your room. These will give appropriate look for Curtains and Blinds fitting.

Choosing both blind and curtain plain will make the interior dull and dark; also keeping both printed shall make it go over the top. Keep your blind curtains subtle and stylish.

If you want to go for prints, never keep both the options in print. Always go for one option of solid colour and other of printed. If you are choosing window blinds of printed option, then the curtains should be solid plain. And vice versa. Choosing both plain will make the interior dull and dark; also keeping both printed shall make it go over the top. Keep it subtle and stylish.

For giving a spacious feel to your room, using layering of curtain and blinds is very useful. You can install curtains from ceiling; whereas the window blinds shall be installed at a lower level from the window bracket. That too when you choose horizontal blinds and vertical curtains, you can get blackout blinds and curtains too. This type of layering shall make your walls look higher and give your room spacious look.

Also for room with smaller space you can make it look special by using both blinds and curtains. Adjusting the Curtains and blinds correctly, you can make the ceiling height look taller and thus make the room look spacious.

We have different energy and different feels for each room; so while pairing Blinds with Curtains keep in mind the energy for each room and make the selection for Blinds and curtains accordingly. For example, while choosing a combination for your bedroom prefer sober and pastel colours to give a soothing and serene effect, and for living room one can choose vibrant colours to give it a lively effect.

We hope that we have been able to clear your doubts. You can check out our product range for selecting Blinds to combine with your selection of curtains.