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Save Energy with Most Energy Efficient Blinds – Colby Blinds

Utmost Energy Efficient Blinds specifically engineered to provide beauty and energy efficiency in both cold and warm climates. Callistus Colby Blind combines soft, seamless fabrics with crisp even pleats that hold their shape indefinitely.

Callistus Colby Blinds are available in a wide assortment of 28 beautiful fabrics, rich structures and colours in three transparencies. They give a beautiful pleat pattern to your windows having size of 38 mm or 26 mm being wrinkle free.

Why buy Colby Shades?

Why all the call about Colby shades? Also known as cellular or honeycomb, these extremely versatile Window Blind endure one of the most popular consumer choice for covering windows. Available in single-cell, light-filtering and blackout fabrics, cellular insulate your home from heat and cold and HELP YOU SAVE MONEY ON POWER BILLS while softly diffusing or completely blocking out light. It is also considered as Blinds for Energy Saving or Blinds for Energy Efficiency

The Buzz About Colby Construction

In this era of high energy costs, Colby Blinds are known in UAE as the most Energy Efficient Blinds and cost effective product that we can place into our home nowadays. These Window Blinds add value to your interior & also home decor. These are the most thermally efficient window furnishings on the marketplace. We are at the lead of providing you with the most wide-ranging of Colby Blinds ever seen in Dubai. Unsurpassed quality, and price now makes this once unaffordable product very affordable to everyone.

Made from unique cellular fabrics, Colby Blinds with their crisp, horizontal pleats, provide a very attractive contemporary look. All cords, seams and holes are hidden so as not to frighten from the beauty of your shades. Available in a huge range of fabric styles, colors and pleat sizes, immaterial what interior color you choose, your shades will also have a clean uniform look from the outside These technology oriented Blinds for Doors and Windows helps to save electricity and ultimately saving money.

All fabrics are prepared from non-woven/spun bonded polyester and will not fray or fade. Our energy smart fabrics have a wide range of insulation and light values, keeping you warm in winter and cool in summer. Available in Sheer, Translucent or Blackout fabrics they are easy to care for, highly durable, and dust resistant.