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Balancing Light

Light plays an important role in setting the atmosphere right in our rooms.
Too much off glaring sun can make the room hot and uncomfortable and similarly too much of darkness can make the atmosphere gloomy and lethargic. It is very essential to maintain the right kind of light in room to keep the atmosphere intact and mood pleasant.

We at Callistus Blinds provide you perfect solution for the same giving perfect Blinds for light control.

At Callistus we have three different types of fabrics that help you in controlling the light in your room Sheer, Translucent and Blackout, Blinds giving better lighting effect. While we design, we make sure these Blinds to match Architecture & Add value to interior designing. These Beautiful Blinds in UK are add on to your Interior Design and consider as best Blinds for Room Darkening.

Sheer Fabrics

Sheer fabrics otherwise known as visible fabrics are almost see through, they help the outside sunlight to enter the room and also give you a view of the outside. We provide opacity from range of 1% to 10% in Sheer Fabrics. With Sheer fabric blinds, enjoy your cup of coffee with warm sunlight and an amazing view of the outside. These Sun shades are Best Blinds for summer heat.

Translucent Fabrics

Translucent fabrics give more privacy than the Sheer fabrics. But along with privacy they allow a part of sunlight to come to room. Due to this we suggest to use translucent fabric in living rooms, dining rooms, or even in office spaces.

Blackout Fabrics

Blackout fabrics are the most opaque fabrics which provide complete darkness and also helps you to maintain privacy. These fabrics should be mostly used while choosing blinds for bedrooms. Also while choosing fabrics for blinds where we need to play projectors for offices we suggest to use Blackout Fabric Blinds.

Along with these above fabric we have tilting options in blinds with vanes, and different operating systems which also help in controlling the light and privacy settings in your rooms.